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Beth's Pussy

Fondle it, finger it, fist it, eat it , probe it, look inside it,  insert into it , fuck it, fill it, pee inside    


All pictures featured on this site are of my pussy and more hardcore pics can be seen at my private gallery or of course I can set up the camera for you to have your own work captured. Just click on the pictures to see more of me

A wet warm welcome guaranteed

Gentlemen I am a part time escort so if you would like to enjoy the pleasures I can give please check my availabity dates below before booking or if you would like me to visit you email with dates, time and location and I will see if I can come to play.

Welcome to the home page of Beth's Pussy dedicated to all things pussy for fans of the door way to heaven.





Face sitting is an art form that goes far beyond than just a woman sitting her ass on a man's face.


 The use of the male face, nose, lips and tongue to give sexual pleasure to a woman was first recorded in Egyptian hieroglyphs. The courts of ancient China also record how long tongued male slaves were specially trained to be used by the ladies at court.  Once the slave was in position, the ladies would lift their skirts and use them to cover the entire scenario.  Gentle rhythmic hip and buttock movements meant they could enjoy private orgasms with others present.  Japan too copied this practice in its brothels, whilst in India graffiti still exists depicting similar scenes with gowned girls obviously in ecstasy,  Queening also has a long tradition in the West.  In medieval times pages would provide "lip service" under their mistresses' skirts when their husbands were away in battle, enabling them to remain technically faithful! 




Taking fingering to a new level and stretching my love hole into moist submission



Everyone (well, almost everyone) knows what fingering is.  People are generally comfortable with the idea of fingering with more than one finger, but not as many have been exposed to the idea of inserting a whole hand into the vagina  which is, in its simplest terms, what fisting is.

A few words of caution before you roll up your sleeves and plunge in: fisting can result in injury if not done properly. You do NOT make a fist and ram it home. Fisting is one of the most intimate and complete ways to touch another human being and it is  has to be worked up to slowly and gently.

Please cut and file all your nails until every finger is as smooth as it could possibly be, as will be in a very delicate places —  that may not have pain receptors. You want to make sure you minimize all chance of causing damage.

 How do you do it?

 When  aroused, a vagina relaxes, expands and lengthens; all very important for accommodating a fist. However even the wettest pussy can use some extra juice during fisting for the most I do not need lube but there is always some on hand so to say.

Go slowly. Start with one or two fingers and work your way up to three and then four.  DON’T RUSH. Be sensitive . You are trying to persuade part of my body to open for you, to admit part of you deep inside it. Gently move back and forth, and you’ll ride it, coaxing and pushing, in and out, When you reach five fingers, you’re almost there. Now is when you want to be most sensitive and most aware, a sudden flinch and you’ll find the vagina doesn’t want you anymore. If so,  pull out (slowly!). But if my pussy wants it, continue , folding your thumb *inside* your fingers, and your hand will NATURALLY form an elongated fist (think of the shape of a duck’s beak) - you DON’T need to clench your hand or anything else!. This makes your hand into a wedge shape that allows my pussy  stretch open as you press on. Apply steady but slow pressure.

At this point, make gentle pumping movements with your hand inside me gently play with my clit. Fisting can produce extremely intense sensations. When done,  gently slide out slowly and naturally! Be warned this has been known to cause me to gush (literally not verbally)

 Pumping (pussy & clit)  


Female pumping is a practice in which women use vacuum to pleasure themselves or as the means to perform a form of body modification when taken to extremes. A lot of women worldwide practice these activities on a regular basis. It is extremely sexual in nature since vacuum pumping will usually involve the genitalia and the breast regions.

The slightly strange appearance tends to deter many people from investigating further but the unique sensations and incredible orgasms this clever pump can produce, make it well worth another look.

The purpose of a pump is to create a vacuum over the labia and/or clitoris which will in turn make the tissue swell, encouraging more blood to flow and making the skin much more sensitive. the unique sensations and gorgeously swollen appearance are sure to be a fantastic turn on.
Pumping my pussy leave's it feeling ultra-sensitive and every touch, tingle and
vibration will be heightened!



As you may have seen in my xxx galleries I am a fan of object insertion, I get a lot of satisfaction from being stuffed preferably with a natural man made tool but other objects have been known to bring pleasure and if you enjoy this sort of activity I am open to suggestions to objects in de pussy to please you, please bring items along that you would like to see inserted in to my moist opening.

Gyno Play


For those of you that are pussy fans or are interested in gyno fetish I have a selection of speculum and other instruments to help you to indulge your gyno exam fantasy to the full.  You can then examine me up close using my clear speculum for full Technicolor views I also have a table with stirrups attached to aid play by opening up my pussy to you providing  fantastic views of my pussy and easy access for fisting, pumping, insertions and of course full penetration of my inner sanctum or dining at the Y Giving also a great way for you to watch of your hands on and in action.

The aim is just to play and have fun in a different and unusual way, whilst I can act as patient for those serious devotees of this fetish.


  If at the time of your visit I am unshaved you are welcome to shave me if that is your pleasure. also full penetration is included with these sessions if you wish to dive into me with your manhood. & you never know you may even get me to ejaculate - yes us girls have been know to squirt.

1 hr £100 90 minutes £140 2 hours £180 - incalls

all the above apart from gyno table available on outcalls locally at same rate.

If you wish to indulge in the pleasures of Beth's Pussy either email me on bethdeboers@hotmail.co.uk or call on the day (dates advertised on main site) during advertised hours and ask for Beth's Pussy so I can be sure to have everything ready for you.

This phone is only turned on during the advertised hours. Please note that Services are only available to men over 35 I do not entertain couples or Asian men.

I am a mature uk size 18 40dd and big tummed big boobed big bummed brunette so please do no book if you prefer younger. slimmer or blondes as I want you to be comfortable getting naked and intimate with me

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